Our Impact and Theory of Change

BIG S.T.E.P.S. U.P. is comprised of unique professionals who subscribe to one goal, the success of each individual. Success can be defined differently for each individual.

To that end, the functions of BIG S.T.E.P.S. U.P. are:

  1. To provide Programs and Services that inform and promote the success of ALL individuals.
  2. To work to increase the educational awareness, access, attainment, and advancement opportunities and paths for ALL individuals, especially individuals classified as At-Risk, Disadvantaged, Low-Income, Marginalized, Vulnerable,
  3. To provide professional services to vulnerable populations in the form of academic, student, social, and human services by way of coaching, academic advising and clinical mental health counseling.
  4. To provide creative and innovative programs, services, and approaches towards education and career training initiatives that promote both workforce and education emphases to ensure that students in middle and high schools are college-ready and college students are career-ready.
  5. To create programs, services, and approaches that focus on school disciplines that will NOT push students of color out of school.
  6. To create programs that focus on early interventions, dropout prevention, and increasing middle school retention and high school graduation rates.